Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: Southeast Asia
Brands: Kedo series
No. of Employees: 100~150
Annual Sales: 32000000-35000000
Year Established: 2005
Export p.c: 60% - 70%
Production Capacity: 300 Tons/Month
About Us

Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2005, then know as Dongguan Lingrui Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. And was renamed in 2014.

For more than 10 years, Kedo has focused on the research and development of liquid silicone, and is determined to provide both high quality and reasonable priced products to customers. Kedo currently has a fully established set of production techniques and its administration system includes platinum accelerator, silicone oil, and silicone based. Kedo has a dedicated, people-oriented team and together, our mission has been to enliven enterprises through scientific research. Through consistent training and education, we have now built a reliable and effective team with professional, patient, and capable members. Together, we will lead the newest material to the world's latest technology trend.

Our philosophy is that honesty is everything and that customers are our top priority and we are committed to delivering them efficient, innovative, and excellent service. With these values in mind, we offer our community the best products and services amongst our competitors and wish to bring the maximum benefit to our customers.


      Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2005,  know as Dongguan Lingrui Silicone Material Co., Ltd. And was renamed  to Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. in 2014. Totally has a silicone making experiences of 16  years.

      Kedo was one of the earliest silicone rubber ink manufacturer in China and all over the world. In the early 2000's silicone ink material was just developed and tested positively in screen printing and label making industry, as its stable nature and its eco friendly character. The founder of KEDO has found the chance and they assumed that silicone ink will be a coming trend in the foreseeable future as a popular ink material for screen printing, which currently proved to be a very wise decision, because its has many advantages compared to waterbase and plastisol inks:

    1. Silicone material is very stable and unflammable, it will only be vulcanized in high temperatures ( 120-200 degree certigrade )

    2. It can be printed with 3D visual effect. Silicone can be printed with thickness, and it brings new visual effects to the printing industry.

    3. Silicone material is a safe material, our silicone ink can reach both Amerian and Eurp standards, it can reach food grade. So it will be very helpful to those large brand that has strict requirement on environmental concerns.


In 2005 production department was formed with expreienced factory manager and a team, following strict production procedures that guarantees all procedure were carried out properly and all products are examed anc checked before it is delivered to next step and finally send to customers.


In 2006 experiments laboratory was build up, and professional technicians were accepted as mebmers doing research and development of all types of silicone ink .Right now we have over100 different typles of silicone ink products, from Screen printing silicone, embossing and molding silicone, inject molding silicone, socks silicone, elastic ribbon used silicone, fabric coating silicone, adhesive silicone,also with other additives such as catalyst, diluent, retartand, leveling agent, accelerator, hot melt glue, adhesives, silicone vinyl that can satisfy all the customers needs.


In the coming years, KEDO never stops its business expansion. it built up two branches in Chinese Fujian and Jiangsu province, and two foreign subsidiaries in Cambodia and Vietiam.

In 2019 KEDO total turnover reached over 250 million RMB, which is a very large amount considering that silicone ink only shares very samll percent of the total printing material. Now we have customers from all over the world, and the share of foreign market is growing as there are many potential customers aborad.


We will provide our valuable customers with services below:


Before sales : We will first discuss the purpose of your purchase then advise proper goods for your production, with reasonable and competitive price. Also payment and delivery method will be negotiated to your satisfation. 


In sales:  Production schedule will be made and followed, ensuring goods will be delivered before appointed date with good quality.


After sales: We have a professional team to work with all technical questiones that come acorss during your production, and  you will get a compensation or discount if any defectives caused by our side.


Also we accept customized products for your special using purpose.


Our Team

Management Level           5 members

HR Department                 4 members

Finance Department          4 members

R&D Department               7 members

Production Department      84 members

Sales Department              12 members

Others                                 10 members            



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