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Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2005, then know as Dongguan Lingrui Kedo Silicone Material Co., Ltd. And was renamed in 2014. For more than 10 years, Kedo has focused on the research and development of liquid silicone, and is determined to provide both high quality and reasonable priced products to customers. Kedo currently has a fully established set of production techniques and its administration system includes platinum accelerator, silicone oil, and silicone based. Kedo has a dedicated, people-oriented team and together, our mission has been to enliven enterprises through scientific research. Through consistent training and education, we have now built a reliable and effective team with professional, patient, and capable members. Together, we will lead the newest material to the world's latest technology trend. Our philosophy is that honesty is everything and that customers are our top priority and we are committed to delivering them efficient, innovative, and excellent service. With these values in mind, we offer our community the best products and services amongst our competitors and wish to bring the maximum benefit to our customers.

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Customer Ever Said

Thanks for the patience of explanation, the molding silicone satisfy our needs well. -- Mustafizur Rana

I had a very pleasant discussion with Mr. Tom and he introduced us with each product and how it works, it really helps us a lot to build this silicone printing business as we are comparably new in this industry. -- Saidul Mia